postheadericon The Importance Of Internet Marketing Statistics

When you are promoting your business online, it is important that you carefully look at your internet marketing statistics. Marketing statistics can often refer more to industry statistics than your own personal marketing results, youre going to be most concerned with the statistics that apply only to you and your business for right now.

Your internet marketing statistics include everything from the number of pages views for each page of your website. To how many clicks a particular link in an email or advertisement bring you a new customer, to how many of those click through actually purchase something or sign up for your mailing list so you can contact them later.

These statistics are extremely important because they tell you if your plan is working or not. For example, if your internet marketing statistics show that an advertisement you placed in a newsletter drew very few people to your site, youll not consider paying for advertising there again. It could be that your ad was ineffective and it could be that its just not a profitable place for you to advertise. Try an ad similar to one youve used another place which have excellent results and see if the same thing happens. If it does, then the market is possibly not right for your product or service. If the new ad gets a good response, then youll know its the first ad that did not do well and not the market.

If you do not watch your internet marketing statistics, then everything becomes guesswork since you are operating a business and not running a psychic phone line, guesswork isnt a wise method to run an internet marketing campaign. Are you getting a lot of website hits from a particular link, but few are following through and signing up for a list or buying? It is still possible that its just simply not the market for you or it could be that you do not have very interesting or exciting content on your page designed to it which can make people want to sign up for your list.

Possibly you had your website search engine optimized for certain keywords related to your business. Type them in to various search engines and see if your site is in the top 10 or so listings. If its not on the front page of listings, most searchers wont see it at all because very few ever click as far as the second page of results, unless necessary. Page rank is one of the most essential internet marketing statistics you can monitor together with link performance.

Looking at page views referred from within your site is another way to make your statistics work for you. The customer is there and begins looking at different pages. Which ones get the most hits that way? This is one of the internet marketing statistics that can help you see what searchers like the most about your website.

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